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Fix ups -matchmaking

October 30, 2012

Friends mean well and sometimes they actually get it right but I have had too many of the “are they serious?” fix ups. What do you do when you look through the peep-hole in your door wondering who rang the bell only to find he was too short to view?

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  1. Shelley permalink

    I was fixed up. We spent an entire day together and it was comfortable and fun. There was definitely an attraction and I looked forward to getting to know him better. I never heard from him again. Obviously, he wasn’t interested but after 2 weeks, confused as to how I could have misinterpreted his signals I called him. He told me he was unsure of what he wanted to do. If he didn’t want to start something I would have been ok with it but why play as if you are interested and lead me on? Where is the communication that would have been considersate and mature at this age? I’ve always hoped men would consider women’s feelings but I am continually disappointed.

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